Fun Summer Projects

We made homemade ice cream, add a little root beer and it was a great pre-dinner treat!

Sticker stories opened creativity and imagination!

Nothing like playing music on dad’s beer bottles. Add different amounts of water in each and you have musical instruments.





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Aidan is a joy to be around (most of the time!) He is very inquisitive and has a quest for knowing the details of every situation. He likes things to make sense and know the possible outcomes of every situation he encounters. He he is in some of his elements. Jumping the sides of the pool.Mid throw of an styrofoam airplane, but also his pitching stance.Fishing at the trout pond where they received their own fishing poles and tackle boxes…pretty cool!

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Jackson has many faces of character, full of personality and a lover of life. Here are some fun moments of this past weekend that display “Jackson”!We live in the woods and he hates his hands being dirty, so when we made a water slide into his pool, he was not happy! And from previous posts (or simply knowing him) he is a shrieker so here he is in mid shriek.

We went to this awesome festival where the boys got free fishing poles and tackle boxes, pretty cool! They also had a fishing pond set up with trout that the boys could access. After Jackson caught a fish, this is his reaction! (notice how his fishing pole is ready to wack the fish if it comes any closer—Mike’s thoughts)

Just some fun ones that we captured of our jem named JacksonHere he is with his best friend Annie and his brother while hiking. Not sure what to think of his sly expression.

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Aidan is a great big brother. He is willing to serve both of his brothers unconditionally. Here the boys are “fishing” after dad returned from his trout fishing trip.

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Day 2 & 3

Mike never checked the site while he was gone so I decided, why post? Well the reason is for others and for me. We survived 5 days and 5 nights minus the head of the household. And to be honest it was not horrible, I did miss him, but was not wishing him back in desperation. That my friends and family is HUGE!

Jackson is a shrieker: in joy, in sorrow, the good, bad and the ugly. Well the two older boys were on the porch and I heard tons of shrieking, the first of which I ignored, as they grow louder and more in tense, I decided I should check on them to see what Aidan had done this time to make Jackson shriek. Well the below picture is what I found:They were shrieks of joy, of victory, of knowing that he was in charge of the “play”

We read “Go Away Big Green Monster” and built a monster out of fruit loops (according to the book) and then ate different facial pieces as we told him to go away (again according to the book)

On Thursday we accompanied Parks House (even though we weren’t working) to a bounce house. Rylan even got to partake in the festivities. He had a blast bouncing on the bouncies and even got to go down the slides (Thanks to a girl from the home!)We had tons of fun together this week: trips to the library, a birthday party, watching The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (Mike just finished reading it to Aidan before he left), baking cookies, reading, and playing.

Things I had fun witnessing this week:
Aidan’s continual giving and serving heart. He talked Jackson into giving me his reeces peanut butter cups from his goodie bag at the birthday party because he knew I loved them. Aidan’s quest for knowledge, trying to come to a compromise so that both parties are content. His love for his younger brothers, precious

Jackson’s confidence in himself amazes me. He does not let his brother be the leader, it is a joint process in his mind. His imagination during play and repetition of that play is fun to watch from afar since Aidan was never a player of toys. Jackson is all about himself, if it doesn’t benefit him then no thank you, hopefully a sign that he will not fall into peer pressure!

Rylan starting feeding himself this week (out of desperation of me trying to get things done) He shovels it in like he is starving, there is no food so far that does not satisfy his palate. He has been laughing and playing and interacting with his brothers more, I can’t wait to see if he favors one of them or if he too will be his own.

As for me, well I have taken advantage of the “quiet” at night, much needed time to read, prayer and collect some thoughts. Overall a great week!

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Day 1

Mike is gone for the week so we decided to post the quote of the day (chosen by mom) and an event from the day

Aidan “mom, Jackson hurt me”
Jackson “no I didn’t, not yet”

Aidan “mom, I should go to Africa because I can speak Spanish”

Rylan got to lick the spatula while I was making his baby food

A few moments of play after licking the spatula

Aidan tried to encourage Jackson to create, but as you can see he was not too thrilled

Finished products:
A bumblee bee, Rylan graduating, a robot

Rylan got to eat crackers while we created, first day “feeding himself” aka making a mess
He did banana pieces, broccoli pieces and sweet potato pieces too

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An April Day

This picture really shows their personalities:

Big and little brotherHomemade puppet show; named the Happy Show

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