Rylan getting his first haircut from dad.  

The lollipop was a success for his first haircut!


How handsome. He looks like Aidan at this stage.

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Zip Lining

The boys got a zip line for Christmas. They have been zooming through the backyard ever since. They have a wooden circle, a skateboard, and a baby swing. Rumor has it they will be getting a handle bar. What a fun present, especially since it has been so warm this winter.

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Highlights from past few months

My little brother got married in D.C. so we took a family trip to help celebrate Todd and Yiwen!

We rented Gnomeo and Juliet so Aidan decided to dress Jackson up as a gnome.

We traveled to Alabama for some R & R. It was great to just be with the family with no distractions.


Aidan started kindergarten and is 100% in his element. He even informed me he has a girlfriend. Oh boy!!

Dad set up the tent on the upper deck and the  boys enjoyed a camp out.

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3…2…1… Blast Off

Shooting Rockets is a BLAST (literally). The boys enjoyed counting down, pushing the button and chasing down the rocket.


Then Rylan became the Rocket….always a fun time being thrown up in the air!




Just some fun ones of the boys



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Rylan turned ONE

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Our inspiration

On our house vacation (with Parks, through work) we got to experience school bus racing. Very fun!!

We decided to paint the previa, huge improvement and fun times for Mike.

So it was not really inspired by the buses but it fit so……why not!

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Our boys

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